Acrylic Flow Medium

  • R 85.25

Dala Acrylic Flow Medium is a liquid diluent and binder formulated for use in conjunction with Dala Flow Acrylic and Dala Craft paints. 

Adding this medium to either paint variety will dilute the paint, giving the paint fluid dynamics for the creation of stunning fluid acrylic / pouring acrylic artworks.


Depending on the desired effect, see the following mixing ratios:

For bold colour:

Add to a container 1/3 Acrylic Flow Medium to 2/3 paint and mix well.

For pastel colour:

Decant white paint into a container and add small quantities of colour at a time while mixing until a desired shade is achieved. Use the ratio of 2/3 paint to 1/3 Acrylic Flow Medium.



Water can be added at this stage to make the paint mixture a little thinner.

Add 5-10 drops of liquid silicone into paint mixture if cell formation is required. The more silicone you use the more cells will be created.