Big Craft Kits

  • R 543.00

Dala's Big Craft Box is filled with 500 pieces of craft goodies that will help you to creative endless craft projects.

Big Craft Bucket is filled with 200 Pieces of craft goodies.

You can make pom pom monsters and animals, finger puppets, dough critters, bracelets and more.

This kit includes: beads, bells, brushes and sponges, buttons, glue, craft lace, craft sticks, crayons, dough, glitter, glitter pens, fun foam, shape cutters,eva foam sheets, felt, finger paint, foam shapes, googley eyes, magnets, matchsticks, paper, pegs, wooden photo frame, pipe cleaners, pom poms, poster paint, scissors, wooden pop sticks, twine, polystyrene shapes and more!