Casting Rubber${

Casting Rubber

  • R 104.90

Dala Casting Rubber is a brush on, liquid latex product for flexible mould creation.

It enables you to replicate detailed designs by brushing onto the original to create a flexible 'negative', from which a postive may then be cast.

Brush onto the original piece - applying an even, first layer and allow to dry completely.For best results apply 7-10 layers of Casting Rubber to the original.

For extra strength and support of your flexible mould, pour plaster of paris over the casting rubber covered original, and create a flat 'top' by skimming the surface of the plaster of paris. This will give you a sturdy base for your flexible mould to sit in when you flip it over.

WARNING: Casting Rubber contains ammonia and may be a potential skin and eye irritant. Handle with care