• R 68.10

Soft, smooth Charcoal sticks that offer a deep hue and a uniform texture. Ideal for sketching, illustration and mixed media.

Dala charcoal variants are perfect for school and studio use. For sketching and illustration, charcoal can be wet and "painted with", as well as smudged using a smudge stick. For mixed media, charcoal can be used in conjunction with water based paints to create dramatic works.

Charcoal drawings can be coated with a fixitive spray to prevent smudging.

*Clean up using warm soapy water

Large Charcoal Black 4 pcs

Medium Charcoal Black 10 pcs

Assorted Charcoal Black 10 assorted sizes

Bulk Charcoal Black 10 x large; 10 x medium & 10 x small