Craft Paint Blisters

  • R 40.50

Dala Craft Paint is a quality art product that is popular amongst artists and crafters. Available in Standard, Neon and Metallic Paint. All colours offer superior hiding power and dry to a durable and satin sheen waterproof finish.

Due to its built in UV resistance, Dala Craft Paint can be used indoors and outdoors. Available in 6 x 5ml paint pots.

Standard: black, white, green, red, blue, yellow

Metallic: gold, silver, copper, red, green, blue.

Neon: Red, yellow, pink, orange and green, white

Can be used on a variety of materials including canvas, cardstock and paper, stones, unglazed pottery, concrete, plaster, clay items, plastic, metal and more

Seal painted items with a layer of water-based varnish such as Dala Deco Varnish or with a solvent-based equivalent.