Dala Brush Sets

  • R 69.00

Various Brush Set Combos. Ideal for painting and craft activities.

482 & 479 -  Pony Hair Round/Flat : Economy brush for school projects and craft activities

582 - Round Brushes : Standard round head brush fitted with long handle. Suitable for detail or small scale work.

579 - Long Flat Head : Long handle for use with heavy colour applications. Creates sharp edges with control. Great fort blending, glazing and covering large areas.

504 - Short Handle Round : Pure bristle with short handle makes it a pre-school favourite

759 - Golden Talkon Flat : These brushes contain a reddish gold filament resembling red sable. Produce broad strokes with sharp sides

758 - Golden Talkon Angular : The fibres are carefully arranged to form the perfect angle, ideal for sharp precise lines. also creates a thick to thin ribbon effect.