Kids Home School Art Kit${

Kids Home School Art Kit

  • R 695.00

Fully loaded kids home school art kit. 

Teddy Finger Paint 6 x 100ml

Teddy Dough 6 x 100G

Junior Acrylic 250ml Red

Junior Acrylic 250ml Blue

Junior Acrylic 250ml Yellow

Junior Acrylic  250ml White

Medium Tempera Block Set 44/16

Teddy First Brush 2PC set

Super Size Glitter Glue 125ml Gold

Super Size Glitter Glue 125ml Silver

Miss Teddy Dough Bucket 500G

Dough Cutting Board A4

Extruder and 6 Head Set

Dough and Cutter Set 300G

Modelling Clay 500G Assorted 

Wax Crayons C9

Thick Washable Markers

White Card Sheets 10 PCS / 230G

Extra: Layout Paper Pad A5/ 25 Sheets