Plaster of Paris Bandage Rolls

  • R 40.50

Individually wrapped 4.3 M Plaster of Paris Bandage Rolls. Made with cotton gauze with excellent water absorbency. Sets in 20-30 mins

Perfect for sculptures, 3D & casting projects.

  1. Clean intended surface & Apply a release agent – like art masking fluid or a thin layer of Vaseline
  2. Cut the POP bandage into lengths to suit the shape you are working on.  Each cut length can be folded zig-zag or rolled up (we prefer zig-zag because it unfolds easier when wet). Small or fiddly models necessitate cutting up short lengths to soak and work with.
  3. We recommend you soak one roll at a time, and layer (no less than 3-4 layers) on to intended surface
  4. The process of soaking and modelling is best done by hand. It is a tactile process. If you use gloves, however thin,  you lose contact with your work. As far as we know, Plaster of Paris bandage is non allergic and it is easy to wash off when you have finished work.  Soak the roll in tepid water
  5. Gently squeeze out excess water or let it run off for a few seconds. Squeeze it too much and you squeeze out the Plaster of Paris, so it won’t set.
  6. Immediately after squeezing, gently wrap or drape the bandage over and around the frame or object, layer upon layer. Don’t wrap it tightly.
  7. Shape the bandage by hand continuously during wrapping in order to make the bandage adhere and to remove bubbles and cavities.
  8. The normal setting time is 20-30 minutes

*Not for Medical Use*