Polymer Clay 60G

  • R 34.50

Dala polymer clay has a firm consistency becoming  soft and pliable when kneaded. This consistency insures a high level of structural stability making our clay suitable of beginners, amateur crafters and professional artists.

You will have to condition the polymer clay to make it pliable. Begin by rolling it back and forth in your hands. This motion will cause the clay to warm up and the edges to smooth out. Once the clay feels warm roll it into a ball and then a snake.

Repeat this step until the clay is fully pliable.

Bake in a standard household oven at 130c for 30 to 40 minutes. Pieces thicker the 6mm should be backed for a longer duration. Please be advised that due the variations in ovens you bake a test piece beforehand.

 Store Dala Polymer clay in the original packaging at room temperature, out of direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

Alternatively wrap in Aluminum foil or stored in PE bag.

Protect it from dust and avoid contact with Polystyrene or PVC for best results.