Styrofoam Handheld Cutter

  • R 171.10

Shape Styrofoam with a lightweight handheld hot wire cutter for foam craft projects and décor. Foam is a perfect material for home and garden DIY projects, School projects, and foam crafts for kids or adults. 

Battery Operated Styrofoam Cutter Instructions

    1 . Lift battery cover and Insert 2 x Size C batteries.

  1. Press the contact switch on side to turn ON and cut power lifting finger OFF - Use extra caution when using this tool as it becomes extremely hot!
  2. Gently slide foam against the cutting blade of your Styrofoam Cutter until the tool cuts easily into the foam.
  3. Cut in any direction with clean precision and allow the heat do the cutting. Force will not increase cutting speed.
  4. Replace broken wire only with the factory supplied high resistance wire, cut to length for your convenience.
  5.  Always turn off the tool and remove the batteries when you are done cutting.

* If the cutting wire does not heat up, replace batteries if necessary and check the electrical connections.