Tjanting Tool (Canting)${

Tjanting Tool (Canting)

  • R 136.60

A tjanting is a pen-like tool used to apply liquid hot wax in the batik-making process. Traditional canting consists of a metal wax-container with a small pipe spout and wooden handle. Use in conjunction with melted bees wax or paraffin wax.

Available as single tools.

This tjanting tool is 17.8cm in length.


Wash your fabric and then soak it. Beat the fabric with a mallet or a similar type tool and set aside.

Heat your wax on the stove top and scoop the wax up using the tjanting. Place the tjanting onto the fabric. The hot wax will flow smoothly from the spout onto the fabric. If it doesn't flow smoothly you can blow gently on the spout to initiate the flow. Draw your full design on the fabric using the melted wax. The wax functions as a dye-resist so areas under the wax will not be dyed.

Once your full design is on the fabric, dip the fabric into a dye bath containing your first fabric dye colour.

When the cloth is dry, remove the wax from the fabric by scraping or boiling the fabric. This process is repeated as many times as the number of colours you will be making use of.

 *Clean tjanting in hot water and empty the spout of any dried wax.